‘Go Easy’ is an initiative aimed at protecting and enjoying Kendal’s fresh air.

The ‘Go Easy’ campaign believes that everybody can make a positive difference to Kendal’s environment by making small but simple changes to their travel routines and therefore help reduce Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) levels and its impact on our fresh air.

Your Vote

By Foot

If you're thinking of walking to work or into town for a bit of shopping, then here is a reminder of the good points:
- is totally adaptable to your own timetable
- there is no waiting in traffic jams
- is flexible with no waiting for buses
- supports the environment
- allows you time to look around and notice the changing seasons in the gardens along the way
- and it is free!!!

By Bike

You don't need to be super fit or have the best bike in the world to enjoy this mode of transport. Read the stories of some Kendal residents and their reasons for using their bikes around town...

By Bus

Would you consider using the bus? Taking the bus is a great way to get to get more hours into your day! Why not schedule a bus journey or two into your week.

By Car

We know it's not always possible to leave the car at home... Have you thought about lift share?

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Anyone interested in the provision of a covered bike parking area & changing cubicles/lockers in Kendal for cyclists?