Despite improvements over recent decades, air pollution is still expected to reduce life expectancy of every person in the UK by an average of six months with an estimated annual cost to society of up to £19 billion

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Go Easy

The Go Easy campaign is all about getting people to think about reducing their use of the car and switching to more active travel methods to improve their health and wellbeing and to reduce traffic pollution levels.

Here in South Lakeland we like our fresh air. That's why we want to do something to reduce pollution levels on Lowther Street, where we've had to declare an Air Quality Management area because nitrogen dioxide levels are higher than they should be.

There are many ways that towns can work with environmental and transport agencies to help reduce pollution, particularly nitrogen dioxide from traffic, and there is an Action Plan in place to do this. BUT there are also small ways that people who drive can help. If we were able to drop just one journey out of every ten that we did by car and walked, biked, bused or car shared, we would make a real difference to our town and its fresh air, as well as improving people's health. 

By pledging with us, we hope that you will aim to find an alternative transport method for at least 1 in 10 of your journeys into town - all year round! .

Use the Travelfootprint Calculator to check your mode of transport, the distance travelled and the corresponding emissions.

Your Pledge

I hereby pledge to drop 1 in 1O of my solo car journeys into Kendal town centre.