In 2008, 85% of households in Great Britain were within a six-minute walk of a bus stop and most of the remainder (12%) lived within 13 minutes.

National Travel Survey 2008

By Bus

Don’t forget that the time spent sitting on a bus, can be time spent reading, working or listening to podcasts. Take a note book, write your shopping list or plan the week ahead. Waiting for a bus doesn’t have to be wasted time.

It is also the perfect solution for when you have walked into town and now have heavy shopping to carry home. With the buses in Kendal running frequently and with one-way fares starting as low as 45p it really is the sensible option.

There is also great fares available for school age children. The ‘A2B Now Card’ allows them freedom to travel for less around South Lakeland and beyond. After paying a registration fee of £5.00, they will pay a maximum of £1 for a single journey or £1.80 for a return journey. A great deal especially over the holiday periods!

Case Studies

Indus is 14 years old and uses the bus into town to go to one of her after school activities.


​"I go into Kendal on the bus once a week to attend one of my after school activities at The Brewery and my mum picks me up when I have finished. I like the fact that it gives me a little bit more independence and my mum likes it because she only has to do one journey!"

Case Studies

Petra travels into Kendal on the train and then uses the bus to get from Oxenholme into Kendal.


"​It's convenient, cheap and fits in with my hours at work. Sometimes on a sunny day I will walk in but it is great to have the option of the bus if it's raining! It's the perfect time to read my book or listen to a podcast."

Case Studies

Colin uses two different modes of transport for a trip into Kendal - he walks in and buses home!

Colin m

"​I tend to go into Kendal about three times a week. I walk down the hill into town and then use the bus for the uphill journey home with my shopping. Doing it this way allows me to go into town more often, because although I find it difficult to walk up Windermere Road I do enjoy the fresh air and exercise. The balance of walking and then going home on the bus is perfect for me."