If average car occupancy were to increase by half - with 2.37 persons per car rather than 1.58 - it would lead to a one-third fall in traffic

Friends of the Earth

By Car

We are encouraging businesses, organisations, clubs, groups and schools in and around Kendal and across South Lakeland to  share lifts. 

The incentives are: 

Lower fuel and parking costs 

Reducing the stress of driving every day 

Getting to socialise and have a bit more fun on your journey (have you seen Peter Kaye’s Car Share?!) 

Less wear and tear on your vehicle

AND helping reduce congestion and pollution! 

Why not speak to your colleagues / other group members or parents and find out who lives in your area and may be travelling the same way.

Case Studies

Zachary is 11 years old and shares a lift home after Boyz Dance at the Brewery.

Zachary walk

"‚ÄčI walk to Boyz Dance with my friends after school, then we car share with our friends to get back home, especially in winter when it is dark."

Case Studies

Jane and Eadaoin car share at least once or twice a week depending on pre/post work plans.

Jane eadaoin

Why did you decide to car share?

"Because we live in Kendal and work in Staveley it means we can save on both fuel and wear and tear on our cars."

What do like about car sharing?

"We catch up on things we can't talk about at work!"

Case Studies

Jacqui shares the task of taking her children and another family's child to an after school club, even though it adds another 10 minutes onto her journey.


"I car share with another family whose daughter goes to the same club as mine each week. Either I do the drop-off and she does the pick-up or we alternate weeks depending on our schedules. It works really well as it frees up some time and saves on fuel. I would be happy to work out a similar arrangement with other families if there was some sort of system in place that made it easy."


Your Pledge

I hereby pledge to drop 1 in 1O of my solo car journeys into Kendal town centre.

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