Walking is the closest thing to perfect exercise, the most sustainable and sociable mode of transport and can even help deliver economic prosperity


By Foot

Here are 5 things you might not know about walking:

• It’s easy to think you’re protecting the kids from fumes by keeping them inside the car. But pollution inside can be up to three times the level it is outside on the pavement – so step out and enjoy the fresh air!

• If we all swapped one car journey a week for walking, car traffic would reduce by at least 10%.

• The average person could save £160 every year by walking instead of driving the journey to school – just think what fun you could have with that extra money…

• Walking just 1 mile burns over 100 calories!

• About a third of all the journeys we make are less than a mile. A mile is only about a 20 minute walk.

Thanks to the NHS - ‘Walk 4 Life’ Tips to get walking every day.

Check out the ‘Kendal by Foot Map’ - look at your walking distances into town from home!

Case Studies

Helen and her children walk to school on the days that she doesn't have to drive to work .


"​I want my family to be fit and healthy and by getting the children used to walking from an early age I am hopefully laying the foundations for how they choose to do things in the future. It normally takes us only 15 minutes and the walk up Beast Banks gets the children ready and fresh for the start of school. We can't do it everyday as I have to use my car to get to work outside of Kendal but it is good to at least walk when we can."  


Case Studies

Twice a week Penny parks on the outskirts of Kendal and walks the rest of the way in.

Penny go easy

"​I live too far to walk in all the way and I like the fact that I don't stress about having to find a place to park in town. I don't have to leave home any earlier and it saves me money too. I sit at a desk for most part of the day, so walking to and from helps balance it out. I also try and walk along the river at some point depending on where I park, there are some lovely places to walk through on my way into Kendal away from the roads and traffic."

Case Studies

Carrie normally walks into town to meet up with friends for a coffee - rain or shine!


"​It's good to get fresh air and exercise whether you are walking on the fells or into town for a coffee or a bit of shopping. It takes me 1O-15 minutes and even though the route is the same I always see something different or end up having a chat with someone!"

Case Studies

Colin uses two different modes of transport for a trip into Kendal - he walks in and buses home!

Colin m

"​I tend to go into Kendal about three times a week. I walk down the hill into town and then use the bus for the uphill journey home with my shopping. Doing it this way allows me to go into town more often, because although I find it difficult to walk up Windermere Road I do enjoy the fresh air and exercise. The balance of walking and then going home on the bus is perfect for me."

Case Studies

Georgie works in the centre of Kendal and walks into work five days a week - even though she owns a car.

"It is expensive to park for a full day and it also saves on fuel. It helps prevent congestion in Kendal and I feel that I am 'doing my bit' for the environment. It takes me about 30 minutes and my favourite route is through the area around the Castle. I just make sure I have a good umbrella - summer and winter!"

Walking Calculator

Select the length of time you spend walking a day to see how much money you save and how may calories you burn:


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