​“We walk into Kendal at the weekends to the shops or visit the library, even if it is raining as there is lots to see and more fun than sitting in traffic!” Charlie age 9

“I love walking from school into town because I get to scoot along by the river and try to spot the otters!” Sienna age 


Castle Park, Dean Gibson, Ghyllside, Heron Hill, Sandgate, St Mark’s Natland, St Thomas, Vicarage Park and Stramongate are all involved in trying to positively encourage the way children and their families think about travel.

School’s Competition

‘Go Easy’ invited over 2000 primary school children to take part in a ‘My Walk to Kendal’ competition, with the aim of engaging the children by promoting the many positive benefits of walking into Kendal. We received many fantastic entries that really highlighted some of the joys and benefits of walking into town.

​As one child wrote:

My favourite things I see when I walk into town are:

1. The River Kent

2. Some ducks

3. Abbot Hall Park

4. People smiling

5. Other animals

Maxi Micro Scooter Winners!

Thank you to the school children of Kendal who took part in the 'Go Easy' for Kendal - Map Competition. Congratulations to the fourteen children were lucky enough to be chosen for their artistic ability and inspiring description of their journeys walking into Kendal. They are now the proud owners of a limited edition Union Jack Maxi Micro Scooter - just in time to be seen on the streets as the Olympics get underway!

Scooter winners

The delighted children being presented with their scooters from Clare Feeney-Johnson the Deputy Leader of the South Lakeland District Council and the Environment and Sustainability Portfolio Holder.

Chloe’s Walk into Kendal

My favourite things I see when I walk into town are: 1. Parish Hall 2. Nether Bridge 3. Westmorland Shopping Centre 4. Macdonalds 5. Town Clock

Chloe go easy

​Chloe's and her new Union Jack Micro Scooter.

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